This Dog Owner Brings Home A Kitten, But He Never Imagined This Would Happen

We have all enjoyed watching the videos of different species of animals becoming fast friends, even some that are quite unexpected. It’s so endearing to watch, no matter what the species. Watching these unlikely pairings is always touching because you would never expect them to just spend time enjoying each other in such a natural way. Even different species can be together as if they were family. This video is a perfect example of just how adorable interspecies friendships can be.

In the video, you will meet a very large dog who you would think would prefer the company of other large dogs as big and touch as he is, but he oddly prefers the company of a tiny fur ball in the form of a kitten. You would not expect to see a bond like this between such a large dog and a tiny kitten, but their relationship seems totally normal to them and fortunately for us, it was recorded by this dog owner for us to enjoy. This dynamic duo proves that nothing can stand in the way of a true friendship, especially size.

The dog is named Navarro, which seems to suit his large size and tough demeanor, and cute kitty is named Iben, and watching them play together is as heartwarming as it is entertaining. I love watching them play together. I wish human relationships could be as easy and heartfelt as this one between this gentle giant and this tiny, furry feline.

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