Dog Owner Lines All Her Pug Puppies Up For Nap Time, And It Is So Adorable

A quirky personality and adorable reactions to various situations makes pugs one of the most adorable and desirable dog breeds out there. They are great company and love spending time with their favorite humans. This incredibly cute video of baby pugs lined up all lined up for nap time will definitely make you want one. Or a few. Or maybe all of these pugs in the video!

This is one of the cutest dog videos I’ve seen and it is becoming a viral internet sensation, getting millions of views online since it was posted on YouTube. The human mother of these baby pugs is so proud of them, and while taking care of these newborn pug puppies, she puts them all in a line for nap time and fortunately for us, she records the big event. They are so tiny and adorable. She recorded them in the line-up, belly up and sleeping soundly, making cute puppy noises and wiggling around as they dream. I’m just wondering how she got them all to go to sleep at the same time. Oh yes, it could be the sleepy-time song in the background that just adds to the cute factor of this video. I think you will find yourself watching it many times.

Keep an eye out for the puppy in the left. He’s definitely a real scene stealer! He moves his tiny, adorable paws to the beat of the music, and it just makes this entire video that much cuter. If I had to pick one to take home, I’d pick him.

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