Dog Parents Watch Their New Puppy Ask To Come Outside

I think all new parents can relate to the following scenario. All you want is to enjoy some alone time with your spouse, and just when you think your baby is sound asleep, blammo! Your little one is up and bouncing around the room with more energy than before. Goodbye, peace and quiet. In the adorable video, two dog parents watch their new puppy barking for their attention through the sliding glass door.

While Mom and Dad were ready to romp under the sun, out of his slumber comes the cute and energetic puppy they brought into the world. All he wants to is to play with Mom and Dad! It’s not often we see both puppy parents, so this is truly a treat. Mom is a Boston terrier and Dad is a pit bull, and as you can see he resembles both of his parents, though he was blessed with Mom’s gorgeous black and white coloring.

Also, notice the family cat watching all of this unfold from the background, taking no part in it whatsoever. I think he may be laughing on the inside knowing he can relax no matter what. What a funny family!

And don’t worry, the tiny pup was gleefully reunited with Mom and Dad just moments later. No rest for the weary.

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