This Dog Is Patiently Waiting For Something. When You See What, You Are Going To Be Amazed!

Dogs are faithful and loyal creatures that devote their love to us. We are their family and they are ours. You can share with them things that we haven’t been able to share with others. And one of the best things about having a dog? You can teach them some neat tricks!

This dog in the video is seen patiently waiting for the school bus. When he is given the nod from his owner, he runs towards it. His best friend is back home from school and he can’t wait to meet him! He runs to the bus and carries the kid’s bag all the way home! What a cutie!

All I can say is that is one tough backpack! This dog grabs it by the straps from his human and runs about 50 feet home with it. He drops it a couple of times, so I figure it must be heavy. But he sure is enthusiastic about helping his human get that bag home.

When the other kids got off the bus, they didn’t seem to think anything was strange about the dog being there. It’s obvious the dog does this every day. I wonder what this family does to entertain this dog during summer vacation. He seems like a pretty clever pooch, so I’m sure they must find some way to keep him busy and out of trouble.

Watch the video below of this adorable dog! What does your dog do when you return home? Let us know in the comments!

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