This Dog And Pig Are Best Friends. After They Got Lost, They Did Something Amazing!

Some stories are just too beautiful not to share. When you are lost, there’s nothing like a good friend to keep you company and make you feel safe. The video below features a dog and a pig who had lived together their whole lives, and stayed together even when times got hard. They’ve always worked together, as a duo, and they did so too when they escaped from their owner’s yard. But it doesn’t just end there. You have to see the story for yourself in the clip below.

After making their escape, the unlikely pair friends traveled together for a while, until another local family found them wandering around their house. When they tried to take the dog inside, they noticed the pig followed closely behind, never separating from his friend. They were so attached to each other, that even when Animal Services arrived, they weren’t willing to leave each other’s side. Thanks to this, they reported them together, and their owner was able to finally reunite with them. Being inseparable friends really does seem to pay off!

You can watch this cute friendship story in the video right below. Had you seen two animal friends be as close as these? Let us know in the comments!

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