His Dog Was Playing Around The Park When He Noticed This Bronze Statue. His Reaction? HILARIOUS!

As you know, dogs love to play fetch. So when Robbie the dog found an eligible play mate in the park, he was ready to have a great time.

But when the man doesn’t pick up the stick (or move for that matter), Robbie isn’t deterred. He keeps persisting and trying to have some fun!

This 40-second video will have you cracking up. Robbie is absolutely excited to have found the bronze statue of Alan Turing in Manchester’s Sackville Park. Turing in the so-called father of modern computing.

Robbie keeps running back and forth with a stick in his mouth eager to get the attention of the immobile man sitting on the park bench.

But no matter how hard the dog tries to get the man to play, he just won’t budge. It’s like he’s a statue or something!

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