A Dog Plays Around In A Snowy Day. You Won’t Believe The Game He Made! He’s Awesome!

Snow days are awesome. Everything is covered in snow, and it’s fluffy and cool, you just can’t avoid playing outside! If you don’t freeze, of course. Some might want to prefer cuddling in their beds in cold weather, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for the pup in this video at all! He proves that it’s not just people that love playing in the snow, but dogs do too! The puppy in the video is very excited to play outside, and he just can’t contain himself. You’ll smile when you see his shenanigans!

He’s a Labrador, and this proves that they don’t just love playing with water, they love snow as well. That explains why, the moment he got out for a walk with his owner, he made up a game of his own. The doggy doesn’t care if anyone wants to join him or not, he’s fine having a perfect time playing by himself! He joyfully slides in the snow to the cheer of his friends, and he seems to have the time of his life.

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