Dog Plays Tug-Of-War With Young Baby. Their Interactions Were SO Sweet To See!

I remember playing tug-of-war with my miniature schnauzer. It was a blast for both of us. We’d sit on the floor and she would play-growl while we held onto each end of the toy. I was a bit tougher of an opponent for her, since I was a teenager when we got her. She probably wished that I was a baby like we see in this video. Her win-loss record would have been a lot higher if that were the case.

The dogs in this video often aren’t trying their hardest. If they were, the result would often be them dragging the baby around like a cooing dust mop. It’s hilarious watching dogs of all sizes playing this game with babies. The parents probably figure that it’s also a great way to keep both of them occupied for a while, so the parents can kick back and just watch the duo play for a bit. Free time is priceless for parents of babies.

What’s really sweet in a lot of these scenes is that when the dog tugs the item away, usually they bring it right back up to the baby like, “OK. I won this time. Want to play again?” Of course, it becomes like taking candy from the tot, but the pooches tend to remain relentlessly good sports with their tiny opponents. They may also be waiting for the rematch several years down the road…

Babies and dogs often, not always, make fun playmates because both are imbued with childlike views and that’s what makes their playtime fun. There a special innocence – though they can’t play alone. A dog is an animal and as sweet as they can be, there’s still an element of unpredictability. A parent has to be in the room while they are playing. Plus, it’s not a game without a referee…

Which one of these tug-of-war matches was your favorite? Please tell us in the comments section!

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