This Dog Was Raised To Be Service Dog, But She Failed. What Mom Did Next? I’m Out Of Words! WOW!

The little puppy featured in the video is named Ricochet. This little dog was raised by her owner to be a service dog, but the path she actually ended up choosing was totally unexpected and a lot more inspiring. Her mom Judy was very disappointed when she couldn’t become a service dog, but wait till you see what she did for Ricochet instead!

Ricochet was one of the ten pooches that were born into the Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning program. Unlike her follow aspiring canines, she was adventurous, high-spirited, and riotous. Service dogs on the other hand are required to be disciplined and focused. Thankfully, Judy accepted her as she was and helped her in her journey to become a “surfice” dog. You are going to be amazed when you see what Ricochet does now!

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