When This Dog Realized He Would Crash Into The Baby, His Reaction Is Priceless! So Cute!

It was a sunny day and this family thought it would be fun to go outside and play. The dog and the little girl are on the patio and both are ready to play, but the dog is pretty excited by the prospect of chasing bubbles. I get the impression this dog has done this before.

The baby started doing her own thing when they got outside and the dog started eating bubbles. I guess the little girl though chasing bubbles looked fun, so she decided to join in too. But she should have given the dog more of a warning!

Just when the dog caught a glimpse of a very tempting bubble, he leapt up to go get it. She didn’t see him and walked right in front of where he was going to land. On the way back down to the ground, the dog realizes he’s going to hit her. And that’s when the collision occurred. And when the dog realizes it, his reaction is brilliant! Look at his eyes!

Fortunately, no dogs or babies were harmed in the making of this accidental video. They were trying to get a slow motion video of their dog trying to eat bubbles, but the little girl wanted the camera all to herself! I’m sure her parents will embarrass her by showing this clip to her boyfriend when she’s older. This is hilarious!

Watch the video below! Didn’t you think this was funny? Please let us know what you think in the comments below!


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