This Dog REALLY Hates His Ear Medicine! Once He Spots It He Tries To Avoid It Adorably!

Denver was cruelly deceived by his human. See, he was super excited to spend some time playing with his human, but suddenly he spotted his nemesis, the ear medicine. The horror! Denver receives regular doses of this medicine, so as soon as dad holds it up, he recognizes it and recoils!

The bad memories and terrifying thoughts quickly clouded Denver’s mind, and he instantly reacted by scrunching his face to let his owner know just how much he hated his ear medicine. Although the owner kept insisting that Denver take it, he tried his best to stay away for as long as possible. He wagged his tail frantically and then did the classic puppy dog face. But nothing could save him from his owner doing what’s best for him (health-wise).

Denver’s reaction throughout this whole ordeal is hilarious, and quite similar, to be honest, to my face when I have to take medicine!. Although I felt sorry for the pup since he hated it so much, I can see where the owner is coming from. It’s in Denver’s best interest to take the health medicine, even though it might be painful at times.

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