This Dog Can’t Get Any Rest! Will These Ducks Just Leave Him Alone… Geesh! LOL!!

What some people might not know is that ducks and geese upon birth make an imprint of the first living thing they see. This imprint is so strong in their mind that they believe that they are the species they saw and that who they saw is one of their parents. It’s a really strong bond that is impossible to break. Let’s hope that the two ducklings in the video haven’t imprinted George in their brain!

Poor George! Every time he sits down to rest the two ducklings are right next to him. Every time he gets up to go to a new spot and every time they follow him. It seems there is nothing for George to do except get frustrated!

Though I’m sure if George wanted to he could be a good father to these ducks, George isn’t looking for any baby-sitting work at the moment! What did you think of George’s reaction? Let us know in the comments below!

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