“She Came Back Home After 2 Years. I Was Crying When I Saw What Her Dog Did Next! AWW!”

For a dog one year in our time can be the equivalent of 7 years. So imagine being apart from your beloved own for two years. For a dog this is 14 years! Will the bond still be there? Will the dog still remember their beloved companion? Well, as the dog featured here Casey proves no amount of time can severe the bond between human and canine.

The young woman featured here by the name of Rebecca had been living in Slovenia for a couple years. She had even been married in the country and her family had gone to the town of Bled for her wedding, well that is all her family but her dog Casey. No, Casey had to stay home in Murrysville, which was where he and Rebecca had once lived together. Since that time Rebecca had left Casey in the care of her family as she was away.

So, what happens when Rebecca finally returned home after a few years? Well, this video showcases their reunion… https://youtu.be/rp03AorAWLY At first it seems as if Casey is hesitant with Rebecca, and may not even know who she is. But soon he realizes who she is jumps into her arms and starts to lick her, obviously showing just how much he had missed her all that time. Rebecca seemed over whelmed with emotion over finally being reunited with her beloved pet after so long and having him be just as happy to see her.

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