Dog Rides In Boat With Group Of Divers. I Couldn’t Believe Who She Swam With.

I have quite a few things that I want to do in my life, but one of the top ones is getting in the water with dolphins. They look like they would be so awesome to swim with. If I ever won the lottery, my family would be taking a trip to one of those resorts where one of the activities is dolphin time. I’d buy the whole day if I could. Dolphins have long fascinated me and I freely admit that I am jealous of the people and pooches in this video.

We see a dog named Kira getting ready to go on a boat ride to see about swimming with dolphins. She’s an eager pup, even getting an early swim in before getting on the boat – there’s possibly the most adorable photo EVER of her wearing a life jacket. It almost blew my brain when I saw it. The boat makes its way along the water and Kira is sitting on the side, alert with anticipation.

As soon as the people on the boat point to the dolphins swimming around them, Kira leaps out of the water and frantically starts doggie paddling around the dolphins, who seem amused that this four-legged interloper is in the water with them. You can hear the clicks in the water, where they seem to be saying to each other, “Hey, check this out! Wow! She can turn on a dime! Cool!” Soon, one of the women swimming with them scoops up Kira and puts her in the boat.

I’d have to say that the best part of the video is when Kira returns to the boat after all the excitement. She immediately falls asleep as the boat makes its way back to land. Wouldn’t you be tuckered out if you had spent all your energy swimming among dolphins? I know I would. Well after I had first scrolled through every photo and video of the event that I could. Kira can’t operate a camera or smart phone, so off to sleep she goes.

Wasn’t this an amazing video? Kira is so lucky. Have you ever swam with dolphins? If so, please tell us your stories in the comments!

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