This Dog Was Running Full Speed Towards That Giant Horse. What Happened Next SHOCKED Me!

Friendship between two animals of different species is fairly rare. It is however always very cute. There are plenty of video showing that interspecies friendship can happen. If you look hard enough on the Internet you can find almost any combination.

In this video we have a dog that has befriended a horse. Herbie, the Pit Bull, and Jabby, the horse, have become friends after working together for such a long time. These two lived together and play together and it just makes sense that they should become friends.

As you see in the video, Herbie always makes the effort to visit Jabby in a barn. They love spending time together and enjoy a close friendship. This video will warm the cockles of your heart. If you want to see something cute that will bring a smile to your face then this video is for you.

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