Dog runs into snow and slides, family can’t get enough of his new trick

Perhaps it’s the fur coat they wear, but dogs absolutely love frolicking in the snow. Unlike people, who have a way of outgrowing their love of snow, dogs never break this wintertime addiction. It may simply be that dogs love the novelty: everything looks different — let’s go exploring. Similarly, other senses like smell and touch, get new and exciting stimulus from the snow. It may related to hunting instincts: predators like change but prey animals don’t. For a handsome but slightly goofy black Labrador named Rafi, the tactile aspect of snow seems to be what matters most.

One lovely winter day, Rafi and his human friends were out for a hike. They get to the top of a hill, which might seem like a natural enough place to take a little rest, but Rafi has other ideas. He sets out to roll around in the snow like any other dog would but he notices that the snow on this hill is a little different from what he’s used it. It’s densely packed with a slick icy layer on top. The gears quickly start turning in his canine brain and he figures out a way to have some real fun.

What Rafi discovered is that by lying on his side, he can go “sledding” down the hill. How far he goes varies depending on the contour and condition of the snow, but each time he makes his way back uphill and sends himself “sledding” again. His humans think it’s absolutely hilarious and ask him to do it again (and again and again) and Rafi is more than happy to oblige. He’s having the time of his life while his humans giggle and say things like “I don’t know. He’s so strange” and “He looks like an otter.”

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