Senior Dog Slips Into Pool and Starts Drowning Until His Friend Saves His Life in Unbelievable Security Footage

dog save dog from drowningNot all dogs can swim very well. Some dogs swim so well they are lifeguards. Smokey doesn’t swim very well but Remus is an expert.

Old Smokey was in danger in the pool when his friend Remus spotted him. Remus seems to know exactly what to do. 

dog saves dog in poolThe security footage catches Remus as he quickly tries to explain to Old Smokey the dog how to escape the pool. But Old Smokey can’t seem to manage it on his own. Remus needs to find another solution.

Soon Remus jumps right in to help. Jay Becerra and his wife Laurie from Arizona captured this video footage on their pool area surveillance camera showing the daring dog rescue. The dogs regularly play in the pool when their owners are watching over them. This time, they got into the pool area without their people, so things went awry.

Check out the video of these two dogs as man’s best friend becomes a dog’s best friend for a daring pool rescue.

If you were astonished by this act of canine cooperation, then share their video because Remus & Old Smokey will certainly appreciate the extra attention.