When This Dog Saw A Weird Intruder In The House? He Tackled The Bad Guy To The Ground! OMG!

This is just a cool sketch from Sesame Street. It features a guy who’s dressed up as the brother of Cookie Monster, named Cake Monster, and Jolene the golden retriever. The moral of the story is about politeness – hopefully after watching this sketch kids would learn to be polite and knock before they walk into a room other than their own bedroom.

The scene opens with Jolene relaxing contentedly on her doggy bed with her favorite toy in her mouth. All of a sudden she hears a strange noise, and whatever or whoever perpetrating the intrusion begins walking toward the living room where Jolene is.

As Jolene feels herself getting excited, she bites down on her toy to prevent making a noise, for it would not be very smart to alert the intruder of her presence. There are small kids in the house and she would be the last line of defense.

You can feel the deafening tension at this point. The intruder sees the dog and freezes. After a bit of a stare-down, the intruder starts to talk to Jolene in an attempt to confuse her and let her think as if he’s a friendly visitor. He’s like, Hey gorgeous, my name is Cake Monster.

That didn’t fool Jolene, who charges at Cake Monster and leaps at it with all her might. She knocks Cake Monster off its feet and on the ground. Just when Cake Monster thinks Jolene would let up, the dog goes into attack mode, leaping in and out at the intruder with clashing teeth.

The sketch ends in a cliffhanger, but the point has been made, which is to always knock before entering.

Isn’t this a really good sketch? Can you think of any way to improve it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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