Dog Hears Baby Brother Crying In Crib. His Solution? WHOA!

Getting a crying baby to go to sleep is the stuff of nightmares for some parents. Yes, there are ones that fall asleep very quickly once they are rocked. I call those parents “Baby Lottery Winners” because the vast majority of babies seem to want to cry for a minimum of half an hour before conking out. Sometimes these mommies and daddies get help from other people… and in the instance of this video, canines.

The scene: a baby’s bedroom. He’s in a crib that also rocks from side to side. Interesting design, I have to say. It does seem to create a soothing motion for a baby. It’s on a certain track, though, so there’s almost no chance of it making the baby, who is on his back, possibly turn on his side or worse, his stomach. I wish I had thought of getting something like that for my son, but we like the whole “Crib-to-Full-Sized Bed” thing we have.

Charlie the dog is having none of this baby crying. He rushes over and, in an instinct probably learned from watching his mommy or daddy doing this, pushes the crib to make it rock from side to side. He keeps doing this as the baby seems to be calming down each successive time that he does it. What a smart dog! No wonder why he’s been a longtime internet sensation with tons of videos.

The entire time that Charlie rocks the baby, he’s looking up at his mommy or daddy to make sure that he’s doing something nice. It’s unclear whether it’s the mommy or daddy that’s there, since there’s music playing in the background and it obscures any voices. Also, the baby is never in any danger because A) Charlie’s awesome and B) a parent is right there should anything happen to the crib.

Wasn’t Charlie awesome? He’s such a good brother to the baby. What did you think when you were watching this? Tell us all about it in the comments section! Also, feel free to “Like” us on Facebook.

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