Whenever This Dog Sees Her Favorite Commercial, She Does THIS, UNBELIEVABLE!

It is said that human life is the combination of freewill and destiny. The more the amount of freewill the farther we move from our animal instincts. Most of the animals have narrow margin of freewill. But things are different in the case of animals that have higher contacts with humans. They get chances to increase their freewill to some extent.

In this video you will see a dog that is busy watching a commercial on the television. The commercial features several animals including dogs and horses. This dog must have seen this commercial before. She is amused to see her fellow friends on TV. She even reacts to some of the scenes featuring dogs. I have never seen a dog this crazy before!

Watch the video to see how this dog entertains herself. If you have anything to share with us please leave your comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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