Dog Sees His Feline Buddy Out On Porch. I Was Amazed At What He Did Next.

Many people think that cats and dogs don’t get along. Well, it’s true that there are examples of this natural-born rivalry in action, but there are plenty of examples of the two species being close friends with each other. It probably has to do with how early in life the two are introduced. If they meet as kittens and puppies, then they can bond. That’s probably what happened here and is why one is so eager to help out the other.

We see a border collie named Riki head to the door when he sees his feline friend waiting outside on the porch. He stands up and uses his paw to push the door handle down and then open the door. That’s the only type of doorknob that I see this type of thing working. He doesn’t have opposable thumbs to turn a round doorknob, for example. Though he might be able to put his front legs around and twist. You never know…

It’s really sweet that Riki does this for his feline friend. I would hope that the cat would do the same for him if he were the one outside. Then again, he might have to be like that cat I wrote about a little while ago that learned that ringing the doorbell constantly did get people to come out to let them back inside. It would be either that or pick locks, and I see him being smart enough to get the hang of that.

A funny ending to the video would have been having the cat shut the door behind him before Riki could come back inside. “Helping my buddy out.. yeah. Gonna go back in – “ *BONK* “Hey! Um. You shut the door…” Then again, if the door had the same handle on the outside as it did in the inside, the pooch could probably open the door there and just let himself back in. He’d likely give the cat a sideways stink eye, but that’s probably the extent of it.

Riki’s a really cool dog! Has your dog done anything as clever as this? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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