Sneaky Dog Sees Pizza On The Table. But What He Does NEXT Left Me Laughing Out Loud! OMG!

Dogs can be the best companions a person can ask for. They will be loyal for the duration of their life, they can protect a family from any would-be intruders and they can be a calming presence in the event of any adversity. That said, they can also be sneaky little so-and-so’s sometimes. Their mommies and daddies need to have eyes in the back of their heads if they have any food out. This video proves that.

Watch and you will see sneaky dogs committing pizza theft! We see entire slices being snatched, crusts, toppings, you name it. To show how sneaky these pooches are, the acts are often carried out in broad daylight, sometimes with the unsuspecting victim mere feet away!

Well, let’s be honest. Pizza is hard to resist. I am a pizza addict… um… connoisseur… and seeing all these pizzas being snatched away from people just brought a tear to my eye, but hey… we can share, right?! Our pups love pizza just as much as we do! Who can blame them? Hmmm…

Are your dogs thieves when it comes to pizza or is there another food that grabs their attention even more? Tell us all about it! I’m getting hungry just watching this video!

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