Dog Sits In Front Of Painting Canvas With Daddy. His Skill Level Just Blew Me Away.

Animals have shown their unique talents over the years. Seals have balanced beach balls, among other things, on their noses, for example. Cats, dogs, and other animals have demonstrated dance skills that are far superior to mine. But I’ve always loved seeing them do artwork. Elephants have done paintings. Here we see another

We see a dog holding a paintbrush in his mouth in front of a blank canvas. His daddy, Omar, stands right next to him with various bowls of different colored paints. Jumpy dips the brush into the bowl and then starts stroking different parts of the canvas, applying it to where Omar points with an arrow – an actual one from a bow-and-arrow set. Omar uses the arrow since it’s long and won’t get in Jumpy’s way.

One sign that Jumpy is happy is that for the whole duration of the video, he’s wagging his tail. It’s kind of funny to see it wagging like that in the sped-up parts. It looks like he could be drying the paint with it, it’s moving that forcefully. It’s obvious that he loves spending this time with his daddy and the feeling is reciprocated. Although this is condensed into three-plus minutes, whatever time they spent together must have flown by.

Even though some will say that Jumpy was doing what Omar was pointing to, that still requires a lot of dedication and attention. While I’m not a painter myself – I always abhorred the clean-up that was required afterwards and the threat of having even old clothes ruined – I can admire what these two have done. Not to sound like one of those headlines, but my jaw did drop when I saw the finished painting.

Isn’t Jumpy amazing? I hope he does a lot more painting over the years. I’d buy a painting of his. Would you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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