Dog Sitter Cuddles In Bed With His New Four-Legged Client

When the parents are away, the sitter will play, and that’s exactly what happened when the family of an adorable dachshund named Eddie went on vacation and left their dog in the care of their friend Chris.

Chris loves to document his life adventures and upload them to YouTube. Unbeknownst to Eddie’s owners, Chris decided to set up his camera and videotape a morning cuddle session with his new best friend, and it’s nothing short of amazing. After having a tough week, Eddie’s company helped Chris find a little joy again. He calls this clip his “Puppy Cuddle Therapy,” which includes kisses, confessions, and complaints about Eddie’s stinky morning breath. It doesn’t hurt that these two are adorable together. I don’t know who’s cuter, the dog or the dog sitter!

I think it’s great that Chris had so much fun with his role as temporary guardian and made this mini-movie to commemorate the special times these two shared together. If I was Eddie’s parent, I’d love to see how well my baby was taken care of while I was gone. It looks like Eddie is getting pretty spoiled by Chris, but he kind of looks like he’s ready to go back to sleep as soon as Chris stops talking.

Now, can Eddie go back to sleep? It’s tough work being a therapy dog, and all this listening is making him one tired pup!

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