Dog Was Sitting Beside This Sleepy Baby, But When The Baby Does THIS? Hilarious!

Dogs are one of the best babysitters you can find for your kid. They are loyal, caring, and they have lots of love to give. We have seen many videos on the Internet that feature little kids and their canine friends. The video below is one of them. You are going to be in complete hysterics when you see what happens here!

The adorable little baby in this clip is really tired due to his day-time adventures. And as you can see, he can barely keep his head up. He’s already in his pajamas and ready for bed, but he’s trying to resist. Maybe he just wants to spend more time with his dog, who clearly has a few years on him. This older dog is certainly patient and loves his tiny human.

This poor little guy tries his best to stay awake for a while, bobbing back and forth with his eyes closed, but sleep soon takes over him. So he finally gives in. It looks like he is going to smash himself on the floor, but his loyal doggie sibling is there to stop his fall. The baby gives the dog a little nudge and curls up on him like he’s a pillow.

The baby cuddles with the pooch and the pooch doesn’t seem to mind it one bit. He’s infinitely patient with the baby and is ready for pillow duty any time.

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