That Dog Has A Very Special Friend, But Wait Till You See Who It Is

Unusual animal couples of different species have a way of stealing our heart and making us feel that anything is possible. Stories about them are always interesting and adorable, touching us in a way that even stories about humans cannot sometimes. Some of them are so strange that you probably wouldn’t have imagined them even in your wildest dreams. Example number one is the couple in this video! This cute dog and deer duo is going to make you melt!

This couple came to be renowned with their adorable YouTube videos, thanks to the dog’s owners. And the following video uses new clips and an old clip from 2008 to present events that have never been featured in any of their videos before. The music is called “Nahanni” by Martin Springett. That dog and that deer are still very much in love and it is simply remarkable to see them play together. Their first meeting was recorded years ago and shared on the Internet, and their friendship hasn’t wavered in all these years. The dog’s owners continue to record the friendship between them and share it with the rest of the world.

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