Dog Stands On Hind Legs On Porch. What He Does Next To Get A Treat Made My Jaw Drop.

Dogs have no shame. They openly go to the bathroom in the street, for the world to see. Cats, on the other hand, prefer the utmost privacy in the litterbox. Dogs will also brazenly beg for food, even in front of the largest amount of company. OK, cats are known for begging too, but I think dogs are just the most obvious about it. It’s almost like they flash neon signs that say “FEED ME SOME OF THAT, PLEASE.”

When it comes to begging, dogs have so many ways to try to get their mommies or daddies to part with food or a treat. They may sit there with longing eyes. Others may whimper softly at first, and then gradually increase the volume. Some may just nudge a hand. Dogs have been doing this for millennia – they’ve made it an art form. Still, those pooches pale in comparison to what we see here.

This dog has the best way of begging I’ve seen. He’s standing on his hind legs and then he puts his front paws and jumps around for a few seconds. It’s almost like he’s at a game show and he’s trying to get the host’s attention to have him come play a game. For his trouble, he gets a nice big treat tossed his way. Hmm. Maybe he can come up with some other ways to get treats. Next time his daddy goes out, he’ll run out and hold up his paws to hail a cab….

Some people think it’s mean to make a dog beg for food. Hey, they do it all the time unsolicited. You should have seen my miniature schnauzer. She would suck in her belly to make it look like we hadn’t fed her for WEEKS whenever we sat down at the table to eat. No, don’t fall for their smooth routines. This is the way to do to it… make them work for it. Maybe this doggie can be trained to do some writing…

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