Dog stands with putter near five golf balls. His next action made my jaw drop.

Dogs can do all kinds of athletic feats. They are SO adept at doing things like catching a Frisbee. There are even televised competitions on major sports networks. Admittedly, they tend to air at 3am when only the most die-hard… or insomnia-filled… sports fans can catch them. Still… quite amazing. They can do obstacle courses, and there are dog shows, of course. Then there’s this one video… hitting a golf ball with a club?

We see Jumpy, who I have written about before when he painted an incredible landscape. This time, he’s holding a different object in his mouth – a golf putter. There are five balls lined up in a row and he goes from ball to ball and whacks each one with the putter. He’s able to turn his head pretty far to the side to be able to get the velocity to make the putter hit the ball pretty darn hard.

If we’re going to critique this video on merit… it’s great that Jumpy can even be coordinated enough to have the putter actually make contact with the ball at all. That, in of itself, is a victory. Though the direction the balls take once they are struck… the chances of them actually finding the bottom of the hole on an actual golf course… not good. Maybe that’s being held back until the next video…

For some reason, when I was watching this video, I was reminded of the Carl-Spackler-Whacking-Drives-In-The-Garden scene in “Caddyshack”. Yes, I know that kids of a certain age might not even be aware of the existence of this classic film. I say to that – go on your favorite streaming service and find it! Jumpy might not be mumbling along with every swing he takes, but his form reminds me of Spackler.

What do you think? Am I nit-picking Jumpy too much? I’ve probably watched too much golf, haven’t I? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!