When His Dog Started Acting Weird He Knew Something Was Wrong. Moments Later? THIS Happened!

Because this brave dog didn’t quit on his best friend, he is being credited for the rescue after the other dog got stuck in 2 feet of mud. Razor, a tiny dachshund saved his St. Bernard best friend who was 20X bigger after the dog got loose last week. But Razor refused to back down.

When Jazzy, a 9-year-old St. Bernard got loose last week, Razor was quick to come to her rescue. When Jazzy’s owner Tim Chavez was getting ready to go to work, he noticed that Razor was acting very strangely.

“I went to feed him, and he was kind of going crazy, trying to get my attention,” Chavez recalled.

When Chavez ignored Razor’s behavior and went to work, the tiny dog’s erratic behavior got even more aggressive. One neighbor was so concerned; they followed Razor through a field along an irrigation line and into a ditch where they saw the large St. Bernard stuck in several feet of mud.

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