When This Dog Starts Jumping, These Twins Cannot Stop Laughing At His Antics

I don’t think anything can compare to a baby’s laughter. It is one of the most innocently joyful and infectious things in the world. There are lots of baby videos on the Internet, so if you are feeling down, go ahead and watch one of them and you are sure to feel better. It will surely do a good job of cheering you up. Take this clip, for example. You will be in hysterics when you watch this. These twins have a very infectious laugh and mom knows just what to do to make them laugh uncontrollably.

The video features a set of twins and their adorable Pomeranian sitting in an inflatable pool, but in the living room.  What a great playpen for the three of them. The twins are sitting up against the side of the pool just watching the show that their beloved dog is putting on for them, but the dog only has eyes for the treats their mom has in her hand. Their mom is on the sidelines filming them, but wait till you see what happens next. When she dangles some treats in front of the cute dog, he starts jumping up to get it. How the babies reacted next had me rolling on the floor with laughter! For some reason, the dog jumping up and down and in and out of the pool makes them laugh hysterically, almost to the point of crying.

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