A Dog At A Station Left Abandoned, What They Do Next Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes.

Many people go to expensive breeders to get their dogs. Admittedly, my miniature schnauzer was from one, but that was when I was barely a teen. That has changed since then. My two cats are rescue cats and if the place that we live in allowed dogs, we would get one from there. The people who made this video can certainly attest to the awesomeness of rescue dogs. Just take a look at this canine.

This is a story about Ralph, a dog who was found outside a gas station. He already started showing off his laid-back personality when he was found – just resting where the gas pumps were. The shelter took him in and after waiting 14 days for his owners to show up… with no one coming… they took him in and gave him a through vet examination. He was so relaxed that he fell asleep in the middle of the exam. Then he went to his new forever home.

Ralph was a very pleasant surprise for his foster mommy and daddy. They thought that he might be high maintenance. Wrong. A comatose sloth is more high energy than this pooch. Nothing bothers him. He’s great with their young daughter, which is always a concern with rescues. It’s fortunate that they found him, since they are all the perfect family now. How many other Ralphs are out there?

For a dog who was left behind, this is one of the most relaxed dogs I have ever seen. No wonder his new mommy and daddy love the phrase “along came Ralph.” I’d say the same about my cats, but they tend to drive me nuts. In their case, it would be “I was so relaxed and always had the bed to myself… AND THEN CAME THE CATS!” Just kidding, though. I love my two little felines. They are awesome. Anyone want one? Just kidding, again… maybe?

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