A dog stops and stares at the owner he hasn’t seen in 3 years. Watch the heart-warming reaction!

People getting reunited with other people make the best videos out there. The ones that I like the most are soldiers-coming-home videos. People have gotten creative in the way they choose to reveal their anticipated visit. I remember seeing one video where a soldier wanted to surprise his mother. For this prank, he would need an accomplice, the soldier’s father.

He went to an intersection where his mother usually walked on her way home from work. The idea was for the soldier to pretend he was just a regular guy reading the newspaper and see if his mother would recognize him. The soldier’s father would be recording at a distance, so the mother wouldn’t suspect something was going on.

The mother walked passed the area where the soldier and his father had anticipated she would do. The father was recording, and the mother actually went passed the soldier who was reading the newspaper just as they had planned it. For some reason, the mother looked to her left where the soldier was and stopped for a moment.

Then he called his name to see if that soldier was indeed her son and when the soldier looked at her, it became clear that it was her son just casually reading the newspaper. The mother went running to him and embraced him while screaming with joy. The soldier was not scheduled to visit for another two weeks, so she was more than surprised to see him.

Another video featured a father who goes to pay a visit to his daughter who is working out with her volleyball team. The father, who is home after a long deployment talked to the principal at the school to see if he was allowed to surprise her daughter. Once the father arrived at the school, he was shown where his daughter was by one of the staff members. As soon as his daughter sees him, she drops to the floor and starts crying in joy.

This is not the only emotional reunion. Others which can get very emotional as well are reunions of people with their pets. Just like the dog in the following video. He has not seen his owner in about three years. The family takes the dog to meet the man. When the dog sees the man, he pauses for a moment and it takes him a couple of seconds to realize who it really is. Watch this heart-warming reunion!