This Dog Was Surprised To See His Friend Again. He Almost Faints From The Surprise!

A dog’s loyalty to his master knows no limits. Even if you have only been away from your pet for a few hours, you know you have a wonderful welcome waiting for you when you return home. But this precious Schnauzer has been waiting for two years to see his human again, and his reaction is priceless!

Dogs are gifted in ways that surprise us as humans, like their strong sense of smell and keen judge of character. But loyalty is also a special trait a dog has and after growing with the members of a family, they can become very attached and nothing can break that bond. That is the reason this Schnauzer gets so excited in the video to a point where she almost cannot control herself when she sees her best friend again after two years apart. The poor dog gets so excited that she faints out of pure enthusiasm!

Rebecca Svetina, the woman in the video, has been away from home for two years and her pup has grieved and missed her the entire time. Rebecca has been working in another country for two years and has returned home, much to the relief of Casey, her Schnauzer, who cannot stop whimpering with excitement when she first sees Rebecca. The dog gets so excited, she even passes out for a few seconds, but then she quickly recovers and is back on her feet welcoming Rebecca home.

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