Dog Swims Out In The Ocean To Make Friends With A Seal! So Funny!

Animals really never cease to amaze us. From domestic pets astounding us with their kind and loving personalities, to wild animals showing off their smarts in their natural habitat — just when you think you have seen it all, they do something completely unexpected and remind us why we find them so intriguing and so lovable.

This video shows us what happens when domestic pets and wild animals meet, and it really is one the coolest things to see. Something we imagine was even cooler for the owner of this dog to see for himself in person.

While we know that it is possible to teach dogs a variety of tricks and commands, the thing that makes this video so amazing is that the dog does this “trick” all on his own.

Like another pooch who made friends with a seal while napping on the beach, the dog we see in this video is just looking to make a new pal. So when he sees a friendly looking seal floating out in the waves, he wastes no time swimming out to meet him.

Although the seal is a little bit skeptical of this animal he has probably never seen before, the two enjoy a swim and a chase out in the water and definitely give this pet owner a day to remember!

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