Dog Swims To Shore After Boat Sinks, And Finds Owner At Church

In December of 2014, a massive storm hit California. Steve thought he’d lost everything, including the boat on which he lived, all of his possessions, and worst of all, his beloved pit bull, Daisy.

When the storm hit, Steve went to go help some friends with their boat. It was one of the only times that he left Daisy behind on his boat. When Steve returned, his boat was destroyed and Daisy was gone. Devastated beyond belief, he thought his dog was dead. But Steve was about to discover a stunning reality.

Daisy had escaped the sinking boat and swam nearly two miles to shore in the dark, then trekked another mile all the way to the Sausalito Presbyterian Church. You see, the church was where Steve and Daisy would spend their Wednesdays, eating a free meal surrounded by members of their community. It’s remarkable to think this pit bull was waiting for Steve at the very place where prayers are offered up.

A church member called Rev. Paul Mowry to tell him she found Daisy, wet and shivering on the church steps. When Steve showed up, the reverend told him the incredible news. “I guess what’s so special about her is she knew where to go to get me,” Steve said, before reflecting on all the things he lost in the storm. “You realize the finer things in life are something as small as Daisy and her unconditional love. I need God and I need Daisy, and that’s all.”

What an incredible story and an amazing bond between this dog owner and his beloved pet. I’m so happy these two found each other again.

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