A dog was taken away from her puppies and their reunion touched everyone!

I recently saw a video of a dog who was rescued with her puppies. She was rescued from the streets in very bad shape. As many of these dogs, she was rescued from very sad conditions that she had been kept in. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated as well as her pups. The only thing is that her pups were not in such a bad shape because they were still eating their mother’s milk.

The rescuers took her to the shelter where she was examined by their head veterinarian. You would be surprised to know how much damage a few days living in the street can cause to an abandoned animal. The physical scars are the first one to get noticed. Their thin bodies contrast to those of their offspring. They appear to have been living in two different worlds.

The deeper wounds are the ones suffered by their souls. Most of these dogs get broken by the harsh conditions that they are suddenly forced to live. They cannot understand what happened and why the sudden change. A few weeks before, they were living in the best conditions. They were not in the scorching heat, some of them even had air conditioning.

Then, without notice, they were taken on a ride and never returned home. Most people would rather think that dogs don’t really have these feelings. It’s much better to think of it this way because it is easier to cope with it. This is the reason that dogs in these conditions often look sad. They miss their family and don’t know what they did to put themselves in this place.

When they get rescued, it is the best feeling in the world for them. They haven’t had anyone pet them, offer them food, give them a bath or any of all those things that owners love giving their dogs. I remember one dog who was rescued. I saw her in a video I saw the other day. She looked emaciated and had a very sad look on her face. The vets discovered she was ridden with multiple infections, so they gave her antibiotics.

She was also given a bath and some food. When she saw the food, she didn’t know what it was that she had done to deserve such a good treat. After she finished eating, she slept for a good 12 hours straight. I believe that the day she was rescued and was treated this way, was the day where her body and mind could finally take some rest.

The dog in the next video was rescued with her puppies. Rescuers treated them separately but would later find out that all she wanted was to be with her pups. This is their story!