This Dog Takes The Elevator All Alone. But When The Door Opens A True Miracle Happens!

As you know, the unconditional love and affection animals provide can be absolutely healing for humans. Even if they’re just a family pet that likes to play and have fun with their owners, dogs are especially great for helping those in need.

But for the poodle Nala, she has a special purpose and can’t wait to get started on her day.

Every morning before dawn Nala wakes up on a mission. She is eager to visit every lap in the nursing home.

“You’re my pretty little princess,” one woman says as Nala relaxes in her lap.

As soon as she bursts through the elevator doors, she knows exactly where to go and wastes absolutely no time finding the first lap she wants to sit in. She sets her own schedule and just knows who to see.

Animal therapy can be so healing and comforting for those in hospitals and care centers. For those living in the senior home in the video below, Nala is absolutely a heartwarming addition to their day that they never want to miss.

“She is really doing God’s work,” the man who first brought Nala to the home says.

Nala seems to find the perfect person to give affection to. She knows who is sick and in the most need. She has never had a day of training as a therapy dog. Instead Nala is a natural at providing affection and has found her purpose prescribing affection to the residents in need at the local nursing home.

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