A dog with a taped muzzle can’t contain himself after he’s rescued by plumbers

I’ve seen far too many animal rescues lately. What this means is that more people have been abandoning their pets lately. Many organizations have been working on raising awareness regarding animal abuse. Animal abuse takes on different forms. One of them is not feeding your pet what you are supposed to or not as often. I am not talking about a few hours, it’s more a matter of a few days going by.

Neighbors are the usual source of these reports. I remember watching one case where a man had been living with his dog for a long time. In the beginning, he was doing well financially but fell into debt and lost his job. This made it very difficult for him to make ends meet. He applied for government assistance, but this did not include dog food.

He sometimes gave the dog leftovers of his own food but that was not enough. After a couple of months, the neighbors started noticing that the dog was not eating enough as his ribs were showing through his skin. The neighbors talked and decided to gather food, so they could give it to the dog in hopes that the man’s financial situation changed.

A few months went by without the man’s situation changing for the better and the neighbors went to the authorities when the dog’s owner fell ill. The neighbors noticed this when a few days went by without the owner going out of his house. The neighbors went knocking at his door and when he would not open it, they called 911, so police would check up on him.

The police found him bedridden with a high fever and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. The dog was also taken to a shelter where one of the neighbors asked to adopt him. This was a case where abuse had taken place, but it was not intentional as others. What organizations recommend in this case is for people who are going through tough times to temporally surrender their pets, so they can be taken care of by a shelter. If their situation gets better, they can go back and ask for their pets back.

The case in the following video is a sad case where an owner was being plain abusive. The owner of this dog had abandoned the dog and taped his muzzle shut. A couple of days later, the dog was seen by a couple of plumbers who saw the predicament he was in and went to rescue him. Look at the pup’s reaction when he sees his rescuers!