This Dog Throws A Tantrum When Asked To Get Out Of The Water. OMG… This Is Hilarious!

Dogs often amaze us. Even though dogs are thought to be obedient and disciplined, sometimes they just can’t hide their stubborn side. They are just like children; innocent yet stubborn. This video features a dog named Bella, a German shepherd who just can’t get enough of swimming, yet can’t ignore mom’s call to go home. Poor dog is in such a dilemma!

Bella is enjoying herself in water when mom comes and calls her as it was time to go home. However, this adorable dog doesn’t want to go just yet. She likes swimming and doesn’t want to leave her precious cold water. She lets her mom know her displeasure by squealing and jumping in and out of the water. She knows she has to listen to mom however doesn’t want to get out of water too.

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