Dog Is Totally Unaware Of The Crow Right Behind Him. What Does The Crow Do To Get His Attention? HILARIOUS!

We all know that crows are very intelligent creatures. We bet you’ll be surprised though to find out that they are as smart as children. Scientific studies reveal that their intelligence is comparable to that of a seven year old!

They actually have reasoning abilities which basically means that they are able to solve various kinds of puzzles on their own. Remember the crow in Aesop’s fables? You were probably about seven yourself when you read about it!

Thanks to Nero the beautiful Doberman being filmed in the right place at the right time, we now know categorically that… crows love trolling other animals and people. Enjoy the video evidence below!

Nero the dog is out walking with his owner, politely minding his own business, when a tiny crow decides to follow him around. He deliberately stays behind the poor pup but his intentions are very clear for all onlookers to see – he wants to mess with the trusting little guy.

Undeterred by Nero’s lack of interest, he gives the tip of the pooch’s tail a cheeky peck! After running back to the camera to tell his daddy, Nero kind of has a bit of his own back on the little fella… but we think the crow just wants to play anyway! It is both adorable and hilarious at the same time!

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