Playful Fawn Makes Friends With Curious Golden Retriever

Animals never fail to surprise us with their unexpected reactions to events, situations, people, and each other. Sometimes they react to animals of a different species in truly surprising ways, and I must admit, this makes for great entertainment. I’m always glad when there’s someone around to record these amazing moments.

This video shows a quite rare and amazing bond between a dog and deer who are meeting for the very first time. As this was the first meeting, the curiosity they had was quite apparent, and so was their excitement at making a new friend.

How the deer excitedly welcomed the dog to the stream was totally amazing. While the dog seemed to be quite chilled regarding their meeting and was just wagging his tail, the deer seemed uncontrollably excited and happy to see his new friend.

Maybe this deer had never seen a dog before and just saw him as one of the gang and wanted to play and make friends. Fortunately for us, the dog’s owner took the time to record this special encounter between the dog and deer.

The way the deer dances on seeing his new friend totally shows his excitement. The dog’s owner was very surprised by the deer’s reaction and seeing these two animals bond so quickly and perfectly during their first meeting.

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Playful Fawn Makes Friends With Curious Golden Retriever