This Dog Tries To Play Tag With This Rescued Foal, But I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When This Happened

Anyone can easily picture a dog playing tag with another dog or asking his furry friends to play games with him. It is not a surprising fact that dogs just love playing tag or any game where they can chase and be chased. They tend to bounce around and spread happiness all over the place when you need it the most, and their cheerful dispositions and boundless energy help to do that. What can be the better proof of their ability to spread happiness than this amazing video? There is one surprise in this video though. This dog isn’t playing with another dog.

This cute doggy is having great fun playing tag with his new friend who is actually a rescued foal. At first he tries to encourage the foal to catch the towel. But after a while he motivates the foal to jump and roam around the ground with him. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen when the foal actually played tag with the dog. Sometimes animals learn from each other, even if they are not the same species, and it looks like this foal is learning to play from this dog.

This lively dog was able to give moment of happiness to this foal. Sure they are unlikely friends, but I am confident that they will be friends forever.

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