Dog waited for the family’s new arrival – when the baby comes home, the animal’s reaction is amazing!

We all know animals have a 6th sense about things and can tell when something is getting us down or we’re ill in some way. They can also tell when something really good is about to happen, like when mom is pregnant and a new addition to the family is on the way! Dogs just know that exciting times are ahead, and they can’t wait to greet their new best friend!

For months before mom gave birth, this pooch would cuddle up to her bump, tail wagging like crazy, excitedly sniffing around and eager to meet the baby once they had arrived in the world. The animal was just bursting with unconditional love, and as one person comments – if only humans could love like that – the world would be a much better place! We couldn’t agree more, and this is one of the many reasons why we need dogs in our lives!

The video, uploaded to animal-loving website Dodo, sees the pooch waiting with boundless excitement at the door on the day that the new arrival is brought home. The adorable animal just can’t contain their joy as the baby carrier is brought in and a baby girl is revealed! We defy you not to have a tear in your eye when you watch this incredible moment!

The beautiful little bundle of joy is initially fast asleep as she arrives home for the first time and is unaware of the furry friend she will form a lifelong bond with. Meanwhile, tail wagging so fast it looks like it might fall off, the pooch is full of joy and love for his new companion, nuzzling at her little toes and eager to see her face. It’s a moment the family won’t forget in a hurry – and the little girl will look back on with so much happiness when she’s older!

Running around like crazy, the family’s four-legged friend is finally offered a chair to bound on and see the baby girl properly for the first time. You won’t forget seeing this incredible footage for a long time!

It’s just beautiful to watch as he snuffles his wet nose at the girl’s tiny feet, getting to know the smell of the new family member – and as the video says, it’s because he knows it’s the start of something special. Very special indeed. Watch this wonderful and heart-warming footage below and share with all your family and friends who might have experienced a similar moment.