This Dog Waited For Her Friend For Three YEARS. Their Reunion Made Me Bawl In TEARS!

Have you even been away from your dog for an extended period of time? I have and the ensuing welcome is incredible! However, nothing could ever prepare me to the way this dog reacts after seeing her best friend after 3 years!

For starters, dog years are way more significant than regular years. Even though 3 years is not that long for a human, for a dog it could mean so much. In just that time, they can grow from puppies to adult dogs, or from adult age to seniors. I was reminded of Hachiko!

This heartwarming story features a beautiful dog patiently waiting for her friend, who hasn’t been around for too long, without her understanding. The fact is, her friend was fighting for justice and freedom in a land very far away, in order to protect his country. In the clip below, you can see how they take her for a ride, to a place she hasn’t been to before: the airport. In there, well, you can already imagine what happened. I could give it away, but it’s better if you just watch it for yourself.

I couldn’t stand the urge to cry when I saw this incredible reunion! Please do yourself a favor and watch this moment and pass it on to your friends and family!

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