This Dog Waited For Her Friend For Three YEARS. Their Reunion Made Me Break Down In TEARS!

Being away from our pets for long periods of time can cause stress for both the pet and the owner. But the greeting is such a huge reward when owner and pet finally see each other again. Just wait until you see this video of a dog and his owner who have been separated for three years. You won’t believe how happy this dog is.

Dog years are way longer than a regular 365 day year. They age faster than we do, so even their day seems longer for them than ours does for us. Three years may not seem like a long time to a human, but for a dog, multiply that times seven and it seems like a lifetime to them. In just three years dogs go from being puppies to adults or from an adult to a senior. When I think about this I am reminded of Hachiko.

Hachiko is the star of this wonderful story. She’s a beautiful dog who doesn’t understand why her friend has been gone for so long and still she waits patiently for her return. The truth is her friend was fighting for her country’s freedom in a faraway land. In the video, you’ll see Hachiko go for a ride to place she’s never been before: the airport! You can imagine what happens in the airport when she sees her friend and owner who has been gone for three long years. I could tell you, but it’s so much better if you see it for yourself in the video.

I couldn’t resist the urge to cry when I saw this memorable reunion of dog and owner! Please do yourself a favor and watch this moment and pass it on to your friends and family!

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