Dog Waits By The Beach For His Friend, And When You See Who It Is You Will Be So Surprised

Louie is the most adventuresome of dogs and while on a summer holiday to the beach with his human, he proved this to be true. He is proof that there are no limits to how friendly a dog can be, and that it doesn’t matter what species you are. In this video we are showing you today, Louie the swimming dog is standing on the sand, minding his own business, waiting anxiously for someone at the edge of the water. He knows these unique playmates are coming for him. You will never guess who they are.

His tail is wagging in eager anticipation of his friends’ arrival, and suddenly, a pod of dolphins arrives and they swim right up to Louie! They must know each other! Louie shows what an adventurous spirit he has and jumps right in the water to swim with the dolphins. He looks like he has never had this much fun, and he probably hasn’t. I wonder if Louie was waiting for the dolphins all along, or if this was just a happy accident. Either way, his owner encourages him to swim with his new playmates and films the whole things.

Most of us know that dolphins have some characteristics in common with dogs, such as their friendliness and playfulness, and this video shows that common trait in action as the dolphins and Louie have the time of their lives together. The befriend each other so easily and spend time swimming together and having fun in the sun.

Watch this unbelievable dog and dolphin friendship in the video right below!

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