“This Dog Whisperer Walks A HUGE Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash! AMAZING!”

We all try train our dogs. Give them the basics. Come. Sit. Stay. Those are good for starters. Some people also try more elaborate moves: Shake. Roll-over. Stay. Those are good, too.

But the dog whisperer in this video goes one step further! Augusto de Oliveira trained his pack of Shepherds. He is an amazing dog whisperer and you will know why, once you watch this video.

The best part is that the dogs do whatever he wants them to do. The breed does not matter. Every dog listens to him. And we will never know why! After you have been ignored by your dog, this seems impossible? See it for yourself. Tell us what you thought of the video. We know you will like it!! https://youtu.be/Cbtkoo3zAyI