Dog Wants Nothing To Do With Mom’s Kisses! Aww!

Although dogs are man’s best friend — and typically demand cuddles and kisses — sometimes, they act more like overgrown children.

In this funny video, a golden retriever greets his owner when she comes home. But when she asks for a kiss, this dog has other plans. Clearly going through her rebellious teen years, Lucy the dog refuses the kiss.

Every time Mom goes in to give her dog a kiss, the dog finds any way possible to avoid her. At one point, the retriever leans backward, as her eyes nearly bulge out of her head. It’s as if this dog is saying, “Mom, stop embarrassing me!”

This dog is playing hard to get, and it’s hilarious! This dog just is not in the mood for her owner’s love. Pets sure can be funny — especially when their expressions look exactly like human ones.

Something about seeing a dog act like she’s too good for kisses is just too cute to handle. This video just goes to show that yes, our pets are indeed like our own children sometimes.

Although this dog is playing hard to get, something tells me that this pup is going to be begging for kisses when the camera turns off.

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