Dog Wants To Play Fetch In Worst Way. Who He Chooses Had Me Rolling On The Floor.

It’s funny seeing animals play with toys that they think are real. I wrote about a parrot who thinks stuffed animals are real. He even talks to them… and doesn’t seem fazed by the fact that they don’t reply. Who knows what their true perception of reality is. Then there’s this brief, yet hysterical video of a canine who doesn’t seem to understand that he’s trying to play fetch with a piece of plastic.

We see a dog standing in front of a sofa. On the sofa is an Elsa doll. He’s determined to play fetch with her, dropping his toy at her feet. She’s not responding to his overtures… because, you know, she’s a DOLL. He doesn’t grasp that though. So he’s getting a mite upset at her refusal to play with him. He even lays on the floor in a submissive type pose. Even his other buddy dog is wondering what’s up.

The other dog seems to come over to see what’s going on. “Why isn’t she playing with you, dude?” “I don’t know. I’m being as friendly as I can be, but she’s just sitting there, ignoring me.” “Well, I’ve got to go. I think there are some treats still around.” “OK, you go ahead, I’m gonna keep trying.” This is going on while the doggies’ mommy is laughing hysterically in the background. Then again, if I was there, I’d be doing the same thing.

I wonder at what point this pooch realizes that he’s not in front of a living person. He’ll probably bonk the doll’s foot with his nose and realize that it’s not a flesh-and-blood person. Then again, he’s probably got such good hearing… why doesn’t he figure out that there’s no heartbeat? Maybe he figures that she does a lot of yoga and can control her heart rate? Anyways, hope he’s not there all night.

Wasn’t this video so funny? I’d have felt bad if this went on for like five minutes, but since it’s so short, it’s cool. What do you think? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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