The “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan Unveils His Worst Dog Training Idea Ever, Faces Charges

Cesar Millan gained a lot of attention in recent years as the self-proclaimed ‘dog-whisperer’. With a nationally aired reality show and articles in many outlets, his reputation as a dog trainer spread far and wide. Recently, a new reputation has been catching up to him.

In his show “Cesar 911”, Millan claims to bring rebellious dogs into line. On a February episode, he was introduced to a Simon, a dog with a pig-killing past. The dog had already killed two pet pigs, and his owner was desperate.

What would be the best approach to healing a dog of his violent tendencies? Millan’s answer was to put the dog in an enclosed pen with several pigs only feet away.

“I’m going to use the fact that this is a new environment for Sandy to my advantage,” Millan tells the audience. “And tackle his deadly problem.”

Instead of a peaceful meeting of minds, Simon immediately went after the pigs. Millan and staff chased the dog around the pen, eventually getting him under control only after injuring and scaring the pigs. According to animal activist Jim Crosby, Millan broke several animal protection statutes. He’s currently under investigation for animal abuse.

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The man knows as the “Dog Whisperer” seems to know a lot less about training dogs than he believes. What he did to these pigs? OMG!

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